Be an Operational Hero
We provide Visual Management to deliver savings to:

Reduce Energy Costs

Understand consumption patterns and usage times
to best optimise your energy spend.

Track workforce activities

Track that the activities you expect to take place
are taking place at the time you desire.

Sweat your assets

Understand the heartbeat of your machines to determine how much more you can get from them.

Reduce man hours

Monitor staff movements and activities against optimum process and asset utilisation to increase productivity.

Reduce operational waste

Track the inputs and activities of production to eliminate unnecessary use of variable materials.

Reduce Asset downtime

Ensure you are running all your assets at their best efficiency point to avoid reactive maintenance.

About Cognition World

Cognition World platform allows everyday Businesses to become 'Smart'

IoT Devices & Connectivity

Cost effective & tested IoT devices and protocols

Easy-to-use software platform

A managed service that monitors your operations & accessible on all web connected devices

Discovering Savings Opporutnities

Portfolio of algorithms working round the clock to deliver real-time insights & alerts

Through Cognition World Portal, our cloud-based analytics platform, we enable identification & significant reductions in:

Energy Management

Measure electricity, water and gas to analyse consumption cost and usage.

Quality Management

Monitor temperature and humidity in a live environment to identify waste.

Activity management

Increase productivity by tracking doors, movements, lights and vehicles.

Asset management

Understand how assets are performing at different times and states.

ESG reporting

Environmental, Social, and Governance reporting for all parts of your business

Compliance reporting

Automatically generate, audit-ready reporting tool for standards compliance.

Our Solution

  • Our solution describes and prescribes how to enhance and optimise operations inside manufacturers and smart buildings.

  • Our platform delivers decision-support alerts that drive energy, compliance and asset optimisation savings straight to the shop floor.

  • We provide low cost wireless IoT sensors to extract data from your existing assets using our low-power connectivity network.

  • We use our proprietary analytics and visualisation dashboard to show you the saving opportunity in real time.

How our solution is so important to the success of your business!

Easy to install Devices

1. Small, portable devices

Simple and elegantly designed, modelled specifically for size.

2. Easy to fit

Retrofitted into existing assets without any complication.

3. Long Battery Life

Very low energy usage resulting in a battery life of upto 3 years.

4. IoT network

Data transmitted over radio spectrum bands for instant data extraction.

Compelling operational Content

Cognition World Portal

1. Intuitive Dashboarding

Data gathered from devices modelled into visually appealing design.

2. Real-time alerting

Understand when your Operations fall out of tolerance against desired performance.

3. Simple navigation

Easy to navigate portal resulting in evidence-led decision making.

4. Personalised credentials

Access using your customised login for effective session management.

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Loved by businesses who want their Operations to be SMART

Our Leadership Team

Meet our team leaders focused on increasing efficiency in Dynamic Operations

Thomas McGrath
Thomas McGrath


"I help our clients make better decisions and save money"

Dan Mitchell
Dan Mitchell


"I love efficiency,
which makes me obsessed with optimisation"

Mike Nugent
Mike Nugent

Co-Founder & Director

"Enabling automation allows us to do amazing analytics"

John Sillitoe
John Sillitoe

Non-Executive Director

"Ops people always want to know whats going on in their operations"

Dr. Oran McGrath
Dr. Oran McGrath


"I am excited about using techology to make business simple"

Rishiom Shah
Rishiom Shah

Head of Data Management

"Leveraging technology to achieve scabable sustainability one client at a time"

Dylan Deally
Dylan Deally

Head of Operations

"I optimise activities, so I can maximise your outputs using IoT-led analytics"

Prateek Chauhan
Prateek Chauhan

Head of IT Ops

"I want to use the most effective technology to help our client's make their operations intelligent"

Our Users

Success stories

Smart Bakery

Cognition has deployed dozens of IoT data-capture sensors in one of Ireland's oldest bakeries, Bretzel Bakery. Feeding real-time production information into Cognition World analytics platform. The platform alerts when production falls out of tolerance with pre-determined standards. Alerts target performance anomalies where savings can be made in energy or production quality. Powered by Cognition World, the bakery captures over 30,000 data points every week to help it understand those historically hard to track but expensive issues, such as:

  • Ensuring gas and electricity ovens are being used at times of optimum tariff and national grid efficiency
  • Over-cooling of freezers and efficiency of refrigeration
  • Quality of the dough production by intelligently managing both temperature and humidity
  • Consistency of the bakery's quality standards for temperature, shift patterns and machine use
  • Water temperature tracking to negate the need for additional chilling of water pre-production

The outcome of using intelligent alarming to manage activities is a reduction in operational costs, reduced costs of non-compliance and much more efficient production processes, making the our clients some of the leanest food producers in Europe.

“We won’t compromise on the baking process to help us grow our business, instead we use operational intelligence to monitor and analyse performance in real time. This helps us get smarter in how we operate and as we learn, we bake better bread. As an added benefit we’re delighted it’s helping our sustainability credentials as well.”

-Client Managing Director

Origin Green Optimisation

Cognition World have launched a new product to help food producers and processors comply with Bord Bia’s (The Irish Food Board) sustainability management standard Origin Green (OG). We've made it simple and easy so users just log in to our online portal and add the data in their own time.

Why Smart Origin Green? The Smart Origin Green portal from Cognition helps you start the journey towards optimisation of energy consumption. Client data is captured in an online Origin Green sustainability report designed to simplify the capture of the evidence required for better sustainability management.

The key benefits include:

  • Accessed anywhere by anyone in the company (no more sharing spreadsheets over email)
  • Tracks % completion of progress of all OG requirements
  • Encourages higher levels of OG certification (underperforming members will be removed from the programme)
  • A single version of the truth for sustainability data (no more scrambling around to understand the current numbers)
  • Leads to higher levels of awareness among staff as to what is going on (ideal for on-boarding new recruits)
  • Ensure greater levels of take-up in Origin Green compliance inside the firm
  • Helps businesses trade more confidently with other OG companies and grow internationally
  • Can be upgraded to auto-populated data from our IoT sensors and data analytics with Operational Intelligence

Smart Food Processor

In a large food processing plant Cognition has deployed dozens of unobtrusive IoT data-capture sensors, feeding real-time operations information into Cognition World analytics platform. The platform alerts when activity falls out of tolerance with the client’s pre-determined operational standards. Alerts target performance anomalies where savings can be made in energy, asset usage or productivity. Powered by Cognition, the plant captures almost 100 live metrics to help understand hard to monitor but expensive issues, such as:

  • Tracking chiller door activity for productivity and compliance
  • Monitoring the movement of people and occupancy of storage areas containing critical-stock
  • Visibility of out-of-time asset usage and non-compliance with internal standards
  • Monitoring light levels during and outside of operational hours

Smart Buildings

Cognition works in a range of asset and people intensive industries (eg hotels, universities, corporate services firms) where the interface between human behaviour and asset performance is not fully optimised. Our clients are looking to understand what’s happening outside of the data they are already monitoring with a view to provide unique insights on over/under-performance. With our Smart Buildings offering, Cognition World’s technology is helping piece together the jigsaw of information that helps identify the parts of the operation that are sub-optimal.

Smart Farms

A constant understanding of the range of parameters that impact on yield is essential for maximising efficiency in the food industry. Cognition is working in farms to help farm managers understand real-time performance of the conditions both individually and when taken collectively, how they impact on performance. From monitoring feed levels through tracking the live conditions, our multi-variate analysis is able to reduce mortality and maximise the work of the farm manager to focus on getting more euros per kilo.

The outcome of using Cognition World's operational intelligence to manage activities is a reduction in operational costs, reduced costs of non-compliance and much more efficient production processes.


We have three main packages which allow our clients go on a journey towards Operational Intelligence
at the pace most suited to their needs.
All pricing is based on a monthly subscription fee


Portal access only

  • Access to Cognition World operational intelligence platform enabling data capture for:
  • Compliance
  • Activity management
  • Sustainability management
  • Asset management
  • Quality management
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Portal + 5 devices

  • Contains Basic plus the following :
  • Intelligent Alerting
  • Automated Compliance reporting
  • Alert Centre
  • Scorecard
  • Installation guidance
  • Signal Testing
  • Operational parameter definition
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Operational Intelligence

  • Contains Starter plus the following :
  • Site review
  • Deployment support
  • KPI development
  • Dedicated support
  • Personalised Performance report
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